What’s going on with Obamacare?

Lot’s of happenings recently regarding the “Affordable” Care Act that we believe may interest you.

Wednesday, the Senate voted 51-48 to repeal Obamacare. This is after the House has passed repeal bills repeatedly over the last few years. Note however, that its the details of those bills that matter.

Tuesday however, Daniel Horowitz over at The Conservative Review suggested that this is all a show…that the GOP was going to retain Obamacare, and that this is all a cynical show.

It is probably the best kept secret in Washington that has evaded scrutiny even from conservatives in recent weeks: Unless something changes, Republican leaders have no intention of repealing Obamacare.

Also Wednesday, Heritage Action released a piece detailing how (functionally) that Obamacare could be repealed. So over the last few days, there’s been something for everyone!

Please continue to stay alert and pay attention…we don’t want politicians in Washington to betray us right out the gate.

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