It seems the more the TEA Party movement grows, the more America likes us.  According to a new Rasmussen poll, 79% of likely GOP primary voters like us TEA Party Patriots.  Let’s break this down.  “Likely” means this person intends to vote; he or she is not just a registered voter, but an active voter.  “Primary” put this person into an even more elite category.  Primary voters have to be very politically engaged and knowledgeable to be able and willing to get out and vote months before the general election.  This ultimately means that they care the most about the political process.

These same “likely GOP primary voters” are now saying by almost a whopping four-to-one margin that they “hold a favorable opinion” of us Patriots.  Our message is resonating.  We are reaching a larger and larger portion of the electorate.  Folks like what they are hearing and seeing, and are more and more willing to say they like us.  Who’d ‘ve thunk?