On biggovernment.com, our own Jamie Radtke said this:

Republicans cannot afford to play politics at the margins, focus more on maintaining their power rather than changing Washington, or return us to the business-as-usual approach of “plodding along.” It isn’t often that one can claim to speak for the entire tea party movement without swift rebuke, but I feel confident in saying that the tea parties will not tolerate timid or self-motivated politics.

The stakes could not be higher.  Americans are threatened with a disastrous fiscal collapse unless immediate and drastic action is taken to address the underlying causes.  Neither major party has had the political fortitude to offer such a plan.  The Republican Pledge to America released in September was plainly inadequate.  The tea parties demand courageous action – now.

She goes on to list precisely what the new majority needs to do…or start looking for work themselves in two years. Read her entire piece here.