An interesting piece at Zerohedge this morning discussing the Giffords shooting. I suggest you read the whole thing linked here. It takes a somewhat dim view of the state of politics, public political discourse, and the use of the MSM as a mechanism of control:

    Legitimate Concerns, Not “Rhetoric”: The primary talking point of the past few days has been to suggest that the Giffords shooting was product of “angry or violent political rhetoric”… The real reason behind the rhetoric talking point is to perpetuate the myth of the false left right paradigm, as well as to lure Americans towards the doldrums of false “moderation”. The “vitriol” in Washington is mostly for show, being that the leaderships of both major parties end up voting for the same bills and policies regardless of how they pretend to fight with one another. Moderation, in the eyes of the establishment, means inaction. When the MSM or the government calls for a “calming of rhetoric”, what they really want is a pacification of the anger in the citizenry present because of legitimate concerns.
    Rights Taking Precedence Over “Safety”: Independent men have always been safer in the long run than dependent men, but there are some out there that believe that government can and should protect them from all danger. This is a childish fantasy. These same people constantly use catastrophes like the Arizona incident to reinforce their belief that more control is needed, more rights relinquished, more authority figures present, but really, all these events reinforce is the fact that no system has the ability to stop crime, even a system as vast and well funded as the DHS. When in the midst of a criminal event, whether or not you or your family become victims is in most cases entirely dependent on you. THAT is the root problem that overly dependent people don’t want to face.