I attended the debate yesterday between 7th district congressional candidates Floyd Bayne (I) and Rick Waugh (D) and found it refreshing. I can’t remember the last time I saw two candidates for major office who (in my judgment) spoke straightforwardly and sincerely from their hearts about the critical issues we face, rather than throwing out a bunch of focus group tested lines that mean virtually nothing. I commend them both for showing up to speak to the people and actually stand for what they believe in. As a result, I saw the sharp contrast between the governing approaches of the two candidates that is too often absent from the standard Democrat/Republican arguments. Instead of two Big Government candidates arguing over just how big government should be, we heard from a Big Government candidate (Waugh) and a one who truly believes in constitutionally limited government (Bayne). 

I’m won’t get too deep into the details, because it really was that simple. If you believe in more spending and that the federal government should be involved in every aspect of your lives – including education, health care, higher taxes for the wealthy (i.e., the job creators), regulating your energy use, etc. – Rick Waugh is your man. If, however, you believe in dramatically less spending and constitutionally limited government – including abolishing the IRS and the Department of Education, lowering taxes on all Americans, implementing the FairTax, repealing the Health Care bill, free market solutions to energy and health care, and returning to the states and the people all powers not specifically enumerated in the Constitution – Floyd Bayne is your man.

There is a third choice, of course. Unfortunately, though, incumbent Republican Eric Cantor declined to participate in last night’s debate, so I can’t report on his performance.

I know some of you are concerned about voting for Bayne because it would split the vote. In the 7th district, though, that’s really not an issue. It is so heavily conservative that even if Cantor and Bayne spilt straight down the middle and tie, they would probably still both beat the Democrat. So this time around, you can vote your conscience without reservation, whether that leads you to Rick Waugh, Floyd Bayne, or Eric Cantor.

Whatever you do, though, VOTE! Today is the final day for registration. Make sure all your friends register and vote as well.