Legislation to repeal ObamaCare was introduced in the House (H.R. 4972), but of course Nancy Pelosi won’t allow a vote, knowing it might actually pass now that the original bill didn’t gain the popularity those who voted for it promised it would. It’s actually gotten worse over time. 

But there’s a way around this she can’t prevent. A discharge petition has been filed, which means that if 218 House members sign it, the repeal bill has to be voted on, regardless of the Speaker’s objections. Amazingly, though, Bob Goodlatte is so far the only Congressman from Virginia to sign on.

We need to change that. I’m weary of stating the obvious (and you’re probably weary of reading it) about the clear winner politicians have this election cycle in running on repeal, so I’m just going skip to the next part (which you already know as well).

Phone calls. E-mails. Faxes. Office visits. No Congressman is safe this November. Let them know you expect them to repeal this liberty-crushing legislation, or you will replace them with someone who will.

P.S. The Heritage Foundation released a comprehensive report on the prospects of ending ObamaCare, if you want to read it.