This is an excellent articulation of why the Tea Party movement is a focused political force with precise goals and doesn’t fit the Left’s caricature of a self-contradictory mob of angry people just looking to shout at someone for no rational reason. Here’s an excerpt:

Americans are a generous people, unwilling to tolerate the poor dying of hunger or disease in the streets.  The acolytes of Big Government insult both our intelligence and character, when they insist trillion-dollar deficits are the only alternative to despair.  The energy roaring beneath the surface of the Tea Party movement springs from the growing realization that expensive government never works.  The entire concept is a fraud.  It doesn’t matter who tries it, or how noble their intentions are.  The entrenched political elite would be much better off if their fantasies of surly voters driven by personal animosity toward President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi were true.  This movement is powerful precisely because it’s not shallow.

No one welcomes the understanding that a system they have lived under their entire lives, built over the course of a century, is fatally flawed and headed for collapse.  This knowledge is a heavy burden.  The Tea Party is determined, not spiteful.  It’s about renewal, not doom… demanding better from the political and media elite, not lashing out with blind fury as the light fades from America’s eyes.

This is the Tea Party imperative: No more politicians voting for legislation they haven’t written, or denouncing state laws they haven’t read.  No more billion-dollar environmentalist con jobs.  No more programs that can never be repealed.  No more fraudulent candidates.  No more illusory “moderate Democrats” representing a party that abandoned every plausible claim of “moderation” when it rammed the health-care monstrosity down our throats.  No more “moderate Republicans” cutting deals with a system only a few years away from crashing down on all our heads.

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