When someone believes they are the embodiment of the Ubermensch, you might hear them speak words like these:

“You Never Want A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste”

What did he mean? “What I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

This is a really important glimpse into the mindset of too many of the “leadership” class. Implicit in his statement there are two groups: the actor, and those acted upon. The Ubermensch (literally, the “Over-man”) makes decisions and takes action, using uncertainty born of crisis as an opportunity to implement his own brand of radical change. He decides the direction society will take, for its own good (or even just for his own), himself being uniquely qualified to do so. The merely human unwashed masses play the role of the “acted upon.” Self-mastery is one thing; the mastery of others is something else entirely. Do you understand?

Multiple global crises have arisen from whatever source(s). Is there an opportunity? Does anyone believe these crises will be let “go to waste?” What wondrous new schemes do they have in store? What new regulations, new surveillances, new villains, new debts? Will the globe’s financial and political Ubermenschen stand idly by while liberty tries to break out all over the place?

The fear pumps have been working overtime: economic crisis, job fears and losses, home foreclosures, endless foreign wars, terrorist boogeymen in every shadow, rising food and fuel prices, Middle East unrest. Of these, all but one can be clearly laid at the feet of the Ameriglobal financial oligarchy. The bubble-blowers blew up the economy, then blew up the currency to bail out their friends on Wall Street and High Street. But not on your street, because you are not their friend. See?

Does anyone remember the America of hope? Belief in the future? The rewards of hard work and frugality? I refuse to live in a paranoid society. The financial crisis is real enough, that’s for sure. The solutions are obvious: audit then end the Federal Reserve (not happening), prosecute the rampant financial fraud (not happening), BALANCE THE BUDGET YOU WORTHLESS CONGRESSIONAL SWINE (WHY IS THIS NOT HAPPENING?), get government off the backs of productive Americans (not happening), stop encouraging dependency through redistributing wealth (not happening), unleash American capitalism (not happening). Instead, the Ubermenschen pass more laws, more restrictions, deploy more troops, dump more unpayable debt on the backs of the American producer class (us), demand more total subservience.

Enough already.