The Dems in Congress just don’t get it.  They aren’t listening to the American people, who sent a resounding message Nov. 2 that they don’t desire any more spending and they desire massive cuts in spending.  Instead, the Congressional Dems are poised to pass a spending bill of $1.1 trillion.

And critics wonder whether the TEA Party will stick around very long.  With this kind of profligate emptying of the purses (full of fiat greenbacks), TEA Party Patriots and other freedom loving groups will be sounding the sirens for many years to come.

Fortunately, Speaker-elect John Boehner seems to get it.  He has been leading an effort by Republicans to call upon the president to veto this bill when it arrives at his desk.  If the bill isn’t vetoed, the backlash against the president and the Democrat Party could be so cataclysmic as to render their minions irrelevant.

Boehner lists numerous problems with the spending bill in his Leader Alert today.  They include:

  • 6,600 earmarks
  • 1,924 pages (that Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told Sean Hannity a few days ago that he had no idea what was in the bill because the Dems keep adding to it daily)
  • $1 billion to implement ObamaCare

And while the Dems have focused on spending America into oblivion, they have not passed one budget this year.