True conservatives are usually in the “smaller government is better government” camp. Having more and more people being employed directly by the government will only make it harder to improve that government, as those government employees will be hesitant to vote in a manner that will negatively affect them. For example, when sanity hopefully again regains control and we begin work to downsize government, would those in the employ of the government vote for politicians that would work to eliminate their jobs? Likely not, even if it’s the right thing to do. Additionally, since we’ve seen in recent months that government employees typically make MUCH more salary/income than their private sector counterparts, growing government jobs is especially unwise fiscally.

So why is this being discussed here? Well, the recent passage of the healthcare bill will usher in an unprecedented explosion in the number of government agencies and their resulting employees. Take a moment to watch this breathtaking presentation of the out-of-control expansion of government headed our way. Surely this will make your healthcare better, right?