We want to inform our readers about a class that is being taught in the continuing education school at the University of Richmond. This is quite a pleasant, surprising find and RTP wants to support this type of curriculum since it is so rare to find! 

Information on the University of Richmond Summer School Course:

This course at the University of Richmond may well be the only college-accredited course on Conservative Philosophy in Virginia. The course is for adults, students, college graduates–anyone, really.

It is called “Modern Conservative Political Philosophy” and is a multimedia Political Science course held in a computer lab on the University of Richmond campus in the “night” school. The class will feature Reagan speeches, class discussions, and various class activities in addition to the lectures. The course will include such topics as the difference between Modern Conservative and Liberal thought (and how the two philosophies began); Economic Conservatism; the various types of Conservatism; and translating the principles into public policies. No term paper will be required for this class.

It is easy to sign up. All someone has to do is:

1). Fill out a form for Summer School.

2). Register for the class.

The information can be found on the Summer School class schedule–and scrolling down to the Political Science section.

You will see the course number and name: PLSC 398U-01 ST: Modern Conservative Political Philosophy. The summer semester is six weeks long, and the class will be held from June 22-July 29 on Tuesday and Thursday nights. People should register as soon as possible but can register “late” through June 22. Students earn 3 credits from the University of Richmond for the course.

The tuition is the Summer School rate.

It may be a good idea for people interested in the class to contact the University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies and/or the Office of Summer Studies for more information or to walk them through the process:

Phone: (804) 289-8133

Fax: (804) 289-8138

Email: summer@richmond.edu

Or go in person to: the Special Programs Building

University of Richmond, VA 23173

Click here for a map.

People over the age of 50 may be able to take the course at a discounted rate by joining the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Click on the UR site on Osher for more information.