1. Constitutional Adherence
2. Limited Government
3. Fiscal responsibility
4. Virtue and Accountability
5. Free markets

I’ve listed the five Tea Party Principles above as a reminder to us  all that we started this rebellion over far more than recent frustrations and indignation. We recognized that Tarp, Stimulus, Health Care, soaring unemployment and an economy destroyed by taxpayer-financed ideology are all part of a very real American tragedy.

We’ve been called lairs, racists, bigots, fools and losers. Our intelligence has been prejudged. Our questions have been shrugged off by men and women too ideologically invested to scratch layers of deceit as obvious as the film on a lottery ticket.  All of this was as predictable as it is sobering.

In truth, our motivation stems from a realization that there have been decades of preparation and conditioning for this very moment in American time. We looked up a few years ago and saw bold writing on a wall being whitewashed even as we repeated what we read, yet we have never stopped shining the light of reality upon very unreal events.

Let me give you five other reasons to believe in our efforts, and to VOTE November 2nd:

1. We are asking to reconcile the financial crisis as soon as possible, on our backs, not content to pass it forward as we receive checks and benefits that indenture Americans for generations to come.

2. We recognize that to compromise with those we oppose is to assure their absolute victory as a slightly lessened pace.

3. We believe in the inherent wisdom and self-determination of an informed people, all people, over the self-serving non-benevolence of leaders wrapped in caring and correctness.

4. We have much more to do after the election than we have done thus far, and we are fully prepared to continue to shine the light of truth on those whom we elect.  We will represent all citizens for decades to come, not so much as  political party, but as keepers of the principles which allow our republic to remain truly free.

5. We are the descendants of every national and ethnic background, Americans without hyphenation and with no agenda beyond the five principles listed above.

Our ranks are growing as support for those we oppose has plummeted. We are winning the battle for hearts and minds because it has proven impossible for our detractors to hide lies and desperation. We will prevail because we will hold our own leadership to account at every turn, and this transparency will draw increasing numbers to our ranks as the months and years pass.

Let’s vote, America, and then let us get to the real work, much too long delayed.