Okay, we all know the Big Government politicians love to cheat their way to victory (Al Franken, anyone?), and it appears that the shenanigans have already started this year (see here and here, for example). So we must be extra vigilant this election (and every other one to come, for that matter), doing whatever we can to help stop the fraud. For that I bring you two links. 

This first is one you may have heard about already. The Tea Party has come up with a way to purge the voter rolls of the deceased (who love to vote progressive) called Tea Party Paranormal Society. Check it out and help stop the dead from guaranteeing more government control over your lives.

The second is a free iPhone app brought to you by ElectionJournal.org called iReport. It allows you to report voter fraud, including sending pictures and videos, from the polling booth. Download the app here.

As we do our part to eliminate fraud, though, remember that the best thing we can do to ensure a huge victory for constitutionally limited government on November 2nd is VOTE! And bring everyone you can with you!