Yesterday was quite a day for the Richmond Tea Party and like-minded organizations. The Richmond Times-Dispatch ran seven articles about us and this weekend’s VA Tea Party convention:

1) Tea-party movement in full force ahead of convention

2) Tea Party has some support among blacks 

3) Chester Patriots founder has seen group’s membership swell

4) Republican sees tea party as refreshing

5) Midlothian man found tea-party group almost by chance

6) Tea party helps her channel her discontent, Hanover woman says

7) Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention speakers

This doesn’t even include the column they published yesterday written by RTP blogger Craig Comess.

As the Tea Party movement generates energy in Richmond and across the nation, we’re also generating readership for print and online media. Americans are hungry for true change, and now that we have their attention, they’re watching to see what our alternative to the Big Government leviathan they unwittingly voted for looks like.

Let’s continue to move forward with steadfast commitment to our core principles of constitutional governance, limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, and virtue and accountability. Unlike “hope and change,” these are simple concepts that can be explained clearly and measured accurately. No one will have to guess what we mean when we say something like, “A $13 trillion debt is crushing America.” And as long as we keep pushing ahead, making our case straightforwardly, the people will continue to listen and ultimately join our efforts to help restore America to her founding principles.