Following up on Jamie’s post from earlier today, I have another fascinating and scary video for you illustrating exactly what we’re up against and that November 2nd can’t mark the end of our activism, but merely the beginning. The Big Government takeover has been advancing for so long without our ever mounting any serious opposition to it, its advocates are on the verge of achieving their greatest goals. Only by our continued engagement will we be able to hold them back and ultimately reverse the trend back to smaller government—and save this country from collapse. It can be done. Despite Jarvis Tyner’s claim to the contrary in the first video, the vast majority of Americans generally support the Tea Party’s core principles.

So without further ado, I treat you to five minutes of Mr. Tyner (video from New Zealand Patriot), national executive vice-chair of the Communist Party USA:

Not surprisingly, he’s no cheerleader of the Tea Party. (I do find it humorous, though, that he thinks we have the media in our back pocket.)

The video speaks for itself, so I’ll resist editorializing…

Okay, not quite. I have to at least point out that he considers Barack Obama and the Democratic Party the appropriate “vehicle” (his word) to advance the communist agenda. I wrote a column earlier this year about how the Democratic Party has abandoned regular Democrat voters for a radical agenda that a small percentage of Americans actually support. Democrat voters: If you still doubt that, why does the Communist Party USA think sending as many Democrats to Washington as possible is the best way to get their Total Government agenda passed?

For more proof, I direct you again to Jamie’s post, which includes video taken yesterday at an Obama/Perriello event showing their supporters openly praising socialism.

I’m not a Republican and I’m not encouraging any of you to become one either. I’m simply pointing out the sad reality of what the current Democratic Party has become and who its most ardent supports are before you consider how to vote on Tuesday.

One other thing Mr. Tyner said in the video struck me. He discussed how the political parties can change. He’s right. Regular Democrats who love liberty and believe in the free market system can return their party to those ideals. I believe they still represent the majority in their party, outnumbering the Big Government advocates who unfortunately run the party without exception right now. If you are one of those majority Democrat voters, please consider joining the Tea Party. We can help you learn how to change your party back to something you can be proud of again.

This is the natural stopping point for this post, but there’s one more bit of editorializing I simply have to get in. I find it amazing that Mr. Tyner blames the collapse of Detroit on big corporations when it is actually the very Big Government policies he endorses that have been crushing that city for decades. Its collapse is simply the natural outcome of those policies. You can see that playing itself out in states and cities across America. But if Mr. Jarvis, President Obama, and Congressman Perriello have their way, these policies will be extended to every corner of our nation and ultimately collapse the entire system.