can’t try hard enough to usher in a sweeping socialist health care agenda here in America. Their members are willing to put their money where there mouth is when it comes to socialized medicine. As they say in poker, they are “all in.” The following email was just sent from MoveOn:

Dear MoveOn member,

Wow! Since Monday, MoveOn members have pledged over $1 million to support progressive primary challengers to House Democrats who vote against health care reform. That’s incredible.

But with the final vote just days away, the House is still short a handful of votes.
So we’re setting an ambitious new goal to keep the momentum building: $2 million in pledges by Friday. That’s a serious sum for any challenger, and will make conservative Democrats think twice before casting a vote.

Can you pledge today? You don’t have to enter your credit card info. Just click on an amount below to pledge:

The Health Care Accountability Pledge is pretty simple: you say how much you’d give to a progressive challenger to support their campaign, and then we publicize the amount pledged, and make sure the media and every wavering representative know about it. Word’s already getting out1 and will only build as the momentum grows.

And we need to keep the pressure up: the House is still a handful of votes short, and the conservative opposition—from the Chamber of Commerce to the National Republican Congressional Committee—is funneling millions into scaring off wavering Democrats.

This is it. If we succeed, health care reform will be law by next week—but it’s going to take an intense, nationwide push to make it happen. How much can you pledge? Just click below to take the pledge, then forward this note to your friends and ask them to pledge, too.

It is so strange to read an email where a group is targeting moderate conservatives because they are too fiscally conservative, Constitutionally minded, and object to taxpayer funding of abortion. It is like bizarro world: “We will pledge money to defeat you unless you agree to seize 1/6 of the US economy for government control and violate the Constitution!”

I guarantee you that with this email, you can be ASSURED that Congressman Perriello has his vote locked in with MoveOn. After all, Soros practically gave political birth to Perriello. This may explain why Perriello has recently told his constituents that he will vote for the bill, even though he has been adamant he couldn’t vote for a bill that had taxpayer funding abortion.

At some point conservatives are going to need to organize enough to be able to mount the same coordinated type of financial threat as well. Our strength is in our numbers and being able to mobilize with rallies, phone calling, door-to-door, etc., but in the end it also takes money. We must be able to financially back opponents because campaigns cost money, whether we like it or not. We will never be able to go toe-to-toe financially with these big dogs, but we just have to help enough to stay financially competitive. We do this in conjunction with rolling out the grassroots force to make up the difference. Perhaps all the various Virginia Tea Parties should start a pledge of how much you are willing to give to unseat any congressman who votes for this atrocity? Hmmm….

On that note, don’t forget to buy your ticket to our fundraiser on April 14. We need money to cover the costs of the Tax Day Rally on April 15, so we can spread the message of freedom to more people. This event is free to the public, but it still costs thousands of dollars. It is amazing how many people you can meet who still don’t know about the Tea Party. We must keep telling the Tea Party story far and wide. Make sure you bring your friends with you!