Four sunrises. Saturday. Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Four sunrises.

Then the fifth, the first of 730-plus sunrises of  consequences.

I consider these next few days  a countdown to as close as you’ll ever get to a do-over in politics. On November 5th 2008, the sun rose on a different America, and those who won the elections the previous night have absolutely leveraged their victory to maximum result. Elections do have consequences, as Mr. Obama loves to remind us all.

Actually, it’s that all-out effort, blatant, cynical, manipulative, deceitful and shameless in its execution, that has given rise to the renewed political focus of everyday Americans. By the millions, we pointed and we spoke, emphatically, causing powerful forces to openly abuse their power in order to silence our dissent. At first merely annoyed, they called us liars, then fools. Once they saw that we were gaining true traction, they tried to label us as racists, then xenophobes, and now they are so rattled that, just last week, our President called us what we’ve always been to him and his plotting lot: ENEMY. Not democratic balance, not citizens, not voting taxpayers. For our refusal to stand idly by while  America and her citizenry are harvested as pure political payback to he and his keepers, he has publicly labeled us the enemy.

While it’s true that we have grown in awareness, numbers and influence, there are more efforts than ever to silence any hope that we may actually become more than a silent footnote in history books. Possible voter fraud has already been discovered in several precincts. There is great risk that there will be an onslaught of legislative “get ‘em good, while we can” activity during a likely lame duck Congress.

There is no chance that there will ever be an attitude of “Well, we tried, didn’t we?”  from their side.  The various factions behind this takeover, from politicians to the press to unions to bureaucrats to current and hopeful entitlement recipients…they have a combined total of trillions on the line. And, even more frightening, they know of no other way to exist than to finish the work so well begun. We fully expect them to live within the realm of reality, and they won’t allow that to happen. The assault from all sides that we’ve seen thus far, as chilling as it is, will surely pale when compared to what’s next.

And yet predictions are that voter turnout will be just slightly above normal this year. True, polls predict a Conservative House and stronger presence in the Senate. My personal instincts are that only an overwhelming turnout for Conservatives, a full rout in both the House and Senate, will send a signal strong enough to give pause to further progress down a troublesome path. A modest victory may embolden those still in power to take steps to render future elections as predictable as those in Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and other nations so admired by our leaders. Do you really think there’s no chance this could happen, considering the past several years? The only obstacle between these ideological zealots and their goals is elections, period.

Voting is your true power, so use it. Call fifty others and ask them to do the same, and let’s show America that we aren’t afraid to stand in her defense. Vote November 2nd as if your future depends upon it. It truly does.