Our own Jamie Radtke gave a rousing speech on July 3rd at the We the People, An American Event in Northern Virginia. She discussed the enormous threats our nation faces, but the hope she sees in ordinary citizens like us standing up against those threats with history as our guide:

I am encouraged, because people are not only waking up and seeing the threat to our liberties, but they are remembering the significance of our rich history. We are relearning our history and recalling the importance of why the Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in the way they did.

She called us all to a steadfast commitment to defend our liberties that are under constant attack:

I truly believe we are on the precipice of a great awakening in this country. Where we are refreshed in our understanding and our commitment to God, Constitution, and individual liberties. But that won’t happen because of national speakers. And it won’t happen because of great speeches. It will only happen because of ordinary citizens like you and I who are willing to keep this on the forefront of our minds and in our daily actions. Because we choose to be committed and involved in securing the blessings of liberty.

Please take a few minutes to listen to entire speech here.