Tea Party supporter and patriot Bob Vogt has created an excellent document describing the roots of the crises America faces and how we must return to first principles of constitutional governance, principled leadership, and fiscal responsibility in order for our nation to survive and thrive again. He explains that this isn’t accomplished simply by changing Congress in November: 

Is the mood of the people foul, and their opinion of Congress contemptuous?  Absolutely!

But does that mean that a new Congress will be fundamentally different from any previous Congress?

The answer is no!  The power brokers that influence Congress will still be in place, and they have very narrow special interest groups that pay them well. We The People need to realize some fundamentals: 

A)    We do hold the power. We vote. We have the right to demand that our Member of Congress behave as they ought…Servants of the people.

B)     Congress, as a whole, has for too long acted like irresponsible teenagers.   They have our credit card and are spending wildly.  We need to treat them as we would a teenager.  Provide clear expectations and boundaries, and clearly articulate these with a promise to verify compliance and exercise punishment if they are violated.

Read the entire document — including Bob’s four principles that We the People must demand of every member of Congress — here.