Another Virginia congressman — Frank R. Wolfe — joined in the effort to repeal ObamaCare. Please think him for helping fight this massive expansion of government power that will ultimately cost We the People much of our money and, more importantly, our liberty. The discharge petition now has 139 of the 218 congressman needed to sign in order to force a House vote on the repeal act.

Other Virigina House members who have signed are Bob Goodlatte, 6th district; Eric Cantor, 7th district; J. Randy Forbes, 4th district; and Robert J. Wittman, 1st district.

Those who haven’t are Rick Boucher, 9th district; Gerald Connolly, 11th district; Jim Moran, 8th district; Glenn Nye III, 2nd district; Tom Perriello, 5th district; and Bobby Scott, 3rd district. We must pressure these congressman to sign the petition, as many of them face difficult reelection campaigns and may be inclined to support repealing a wildly unpopular bill in a tough election cycle for their party.

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