Legislative Action Alert – Support SB 1236 – Diversity in Education Teacher Orgs

In Virginia, teachers have only one monopoly choice for a professional organization to represent them – the Virginia Education Association (a subsidiary of the National Education Association). It is time Teachers are given a choice of professional organizations, and SB1236 gives them that choice!

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Action Alert: Call NOW to support free market healthcare

    100% of Grassroots vote "YES" for "Free Market, Doctor-Patient Centered Healthcare" * Ask these Senators to vote "YES" too ! SUPPORT  HB 685 Direct Primary Care Agreements  HB 685  Direct primary care agreements; Commonwealth's insurance laws do not apply. The bill defines a direct primary care agreement as an agreement entered into between a health care [...]

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Alert: Vote-by-phone Scam

Rumor Buster: Vote by Phone Scam   For Immediate Release:  October 12, 2012 For More Information: Nikki Sheridan nikki.sheridan@sbe.virginia.gov Voters Targeted with False Information on Ability to Vote by Phone Voters, especially seniors, receiving calls and told they can vote by phone   Richmond, VA – The Virginia State Board of Elections (SBE) is aware [...]

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Physicians for Reform Virginia Tour: Dr. C.L. Gray

Virginia Tea Party Patriots   Dr. C. L. Gray's Virginia Tour Schedule-Week of September 17th' on Virginia Tea Party Patriots!    Dr. Gray's Tour schedule for the week of September 17th. (Sterling, Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, and Virginia Beach.) Physicians For Reform Virginia Tour presents Dr. C.L. Gray, MD on "Healthcare Reform and What It Means [...]

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Action Alert: Stand up for Personal Property Rights in Virginia

Fellow Tea Party leaders and activists: There are very few occasions where the ongoing battle for property rights can be confronted head-on. We have just such a time here in Fauquier. There is an assault on farmer’s rights, and a LONE FARMER is standing up to the power of the local government and the Elite [...]

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OBAMA at VCU ***THIS*** Saturday!

RTP and other like minded groups will be gathering/staging on the Broad Street side of Lowes west of the Siegel Center, at 12:00 noon, this Saturday, in preparation to welcome Obama. Doors apparently open at the Siegel Center at 1:30P. If the Lowes parking lot is inaccessible, the alternative gathering/staging location is the Moore Street [...]

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UPDATED!! EVENT POSTPONED America 911: Educate, Activate, and Motivate

************EVENT POSTPONED**************** Good afternoon,   Rather than risk a later notification tomorrow, we regrettably must postpone America 911 scheduled for tomorrow evening May 1. An insurance rider needed to be at BSTC earlier than anticipated, Because school was not in session today, we were unable to get an answer about providing that insurance policy tomorrow, [...]

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Action Alert: Who’s Missing from This Picture?

....the OTHER CANDIDATES! That's who. The Richmond Association of Realtors is holding a "joint appearance of U.S. Senatorial Candidates [with] George Allen and Tim Kaine." They are promoting this as a "gathering of former governors." Why is that a problem? Well, for starters, only TWO of the FIVE candidates are invited. So as a Realtor, [...]

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Patriots Needed to Attend Smart Meter Hearing (ALL residents of Midlothian, Albemarle, Arlington installed without consent)   Date: On Tuesday (Election Day), March 6th,the State Corporation Commission, SCC, will conduct a hearing on "smart metering."   Time: 10:00 a.m. Location: 1300 E. Main Street, Richmond Room: 2nd Floor, Court Room   Testifying: Dr. Charles Battig, [...]

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