ObamaCare clobbered in Missouri

In case you need further evidence that the Tea Party movement and the enthusiasm for repealing ObamaCare aren’t shirking, but instead growing, consider the following: "The citizens of the Show-Me State don't want Washington involved in their health care decisions," said Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, one of the sponsors of the legislation that put Proposition [...]

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Repeal of ObamaCare Gaining Support

Another Virginia congressman -- Frank R. Wolfe -- joined in the effort to repeal ObamaCare. Please think him for helping fight this massive expansion of government power that will ultimately cost We the People much of our money and, more importantly, our liberty. The discharge petition now has 139 of the 218 congressman needed to [...]

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Is Congressman Cantor trying to fool us?

You may have heard that Rep. Eric Cantor has decided to sign Rep. Steve King’s discharge petition to repeal ObamaCare. I’d like to say, “Great!”, but unfortunately, there may be reason to believe his true intentions are hidden and completely different from what he’s publicly stating.  Erick Erickson from RedState offers his stark analysis of the [...]

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