Chesterfield Monthly Profiles Richmond-Area Activism

In the latest copy of the Chesterfield Monthly magazine (print and online), there was a multi-page spread discussing the Dave Brat win over Eric Cantor and the general activist-machine across the Richmond area. Also covers items like the Chesterfield comprehensive plan and the meals tax. A good read, but with a leftward slant here-and-there. Whether [...]

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Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor

Today in the VA 7th district republican primary, insurgent "tea party" candidate Dave Brat defeated "establishment" House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by a tally of 55.55% to 45.45%. The political shock-waves of this upset will likely be rippling across the state for weeks to come. Although this win is unusual in the context of incumbent [...]

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7th District Primary Election Tuesday 6/10

VOTE! 7th District Congressional Primary Tuesday, June 10th, 6am-7pm Normal Polling Places   Tuesday is Primary Day in the 7th Congressional District! We encourage you to learn about the candidates and exercise your right to vote. The winner is likely to be your next congressman, since there is no other challenger. America has been trending [...]

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Fact-checking Candidate Eric Cantor on Amnesty

The debate on how to proceed on changing/fixing immigration policy has come to the forefront in the 7th district congressional race between House Leader Eric Cantor and challenger Dave Brat. As this debate will have a profound impact on the economy and how we view adherence to the rule of law, it's important that voters [...]

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Gruber Defeats Cobb in VA 7th District Convention

Today in the election for VA 7th District GOP Chairman (House Leader Eric Cantor's District), tea party challenger Fred Gruber defeated incumbent GOP veteran Linwood Cobb. This one wasn't supposed to be close, as Cobb had the backing of the republican party insiders, and was considered to be safe from challenge. More on vote totals [...]

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Mark Krikorian Visits Richmond Tea Party – VIDEO

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, spoke at our monthly meeting on April 24th. He discussed immigration policy and shared insight into the "back room" efforts underway to pass an amnesty bill. Below is a video from our YouTube channel. Photos from the meeting:

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Sep 4th “Cantor Encounter!” Press Release

Richmond, VA—The Richmond Tea Party announces the “Cantor Encounter!” event. This is a street demonstration outside Congressman Eric Cantor’s office, followed by a town hall. The event will be held September 4th. The Richmond Tea Party and fellow grass roots activists will be joined by Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, L. [...]

RTP Executive Director Update – 5/21/2013

Photo: FoxNews Insider Greetings fellow Patriots! Wow! What a week for the Richmond Tea Party! I almost don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with the IRS scandal. A couple of weeks ago, the IRS apologized for specifically targeting Tea Party (and other conservative) groups. The Richmond Tea Party is the “poster [...]

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House Leadership Purging Conservatives

Well, just more fuel for the fire. House Republicans are now working directly against you, purging conservatives from committee positions in the House. You see, you can't have uncomfortable ideas like "fiscal responsibility" and "liberty" gaining, those ideas must not be allowed to stand. So in moves that have taken the breath away from [...]

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Eric Cantor Getting Weak-Kneed on Taxes?

Is House Leader Cantor getting weak-kneed on tax hikes? WHY can't our politicians communicate a CONSERVATIVE vision? The proper answer is "we don't have a revenue problem". We don't need to increase taxes; we need the republican house to actually grow a spine and reduce spending. Let's not forget that he helped build the dreaded [...]

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FreedomWorks Unveils New Congressional Scorecard

And guess who didn't score so great? FreedomWorks has released a new interactive congressional scorecard available on its website. This is an impressive tool to do some rudimentary research on the voting records of our elected officials. Note that this is not a total of 100% of the bills for review; rather these bills are [...]

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