Everyone whom has ever posted anything on the internet has at some time posted their predictions.  Most of them are wrong.  Time will tell about mine. One thing I have learned is this: in spite of the facts on the ground historic high deficits that continue seemingly without end unsustainable debt loads at the federal, [...]

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Currency Wars: Ruble/Yuan Trading

It's undeniable that modern economies run on energy and that oil is one of the more useful forms of energy. One of the principal values that still undergirds the value of the U.S. Dollar is the fact that the major Middle East nations still sell oil priced in Dollars. You might not know that Russia [...]

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Hugh Hendry calls out George Soros, alludes to swelling populist anger in Germany

See video below. Investor Hugh Hendry understands George Soros: "The richest people on the planet become socialists"; "Socialism is when you build a moat around the castle." Mr. Hendry is responding to a recent Bloomberg interview in which Soros decried German determination to cut their deficit spending (Imagine their arrogance!). Citing the "needs" of other [...]

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Finding a Few Laughs in a Serious Time

America’s fiscal situation is awful, but Europe’s is actually worse, if you can believe that. Unfortunately, our economies are tied together, so their problems become ours. I understand that peering into the dark eyes of a financial catastrophe isn’t funny, but sometimes we must find a way to have a few laughs to keep our [...]

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