Fannie Mae Rolls Out Easy Mortgage, Catering To High-Risk Immigrants

So it appears that the federal government is implementing another destined-to-default high-risk mortgage plan. This new move is wrong-headed and dangerous, and only places more risk on the heads of American taxpayers and their children. Its simply not credible that those in charge of devising and implementing a program like this don't see what a [...]

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Book Blames Recession on Corrupt Fannie Mae

The world of political commentary (at least that part of it not campaigning for Obama’s re-election) is abuzz with excitement over a trailblazing new book that shows vividly and convincingly what happened to cause the terrible financial crisis that’s gripped the country since 2008 and—most important—who’s responsible. The book, Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, [...]

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What the heck? Financial reform or deformity?

All this bragging by the president of this amazing financial reform and then I read this in the Washington Times paper today: But as it made its way through Congress under the leadership of Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, Connecticut Democrat, and Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, the bill accumulated hundreds of provisions unrelated to its [...]

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