A Tea Party in Richmond

The  Lobby Day rally was mentioned by the Washington Post again, this time in the Express Night Out newsletter. There's not much content, but the article was a fair description of the events (except for the low attendance number, but we're all accustomed to that). We tried to locate the article online for posting/linking, but were [...]

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Big Wins on 10th Amendment Bills: Bipartisan Support!

There is big news regarding the two 10th Amendment bills being considered in the General Assembly, specifically HB10 (Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act) and HB69 (Virginia Firearms Freedom Act)! We learned today that: Delegate Joseph Johnson (D) from the 4th district has co-patroned both bills, and Senator Charles Colgan (D) from the 29th district has co-patroned HB10. [...]

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Hugely successful 10th Amendment Rally at Virginia State Capitol

Today those of us in the Tea Party movement experienced a moment in history as 2,300 people descended on the State Capitol, according to Capitol Police, in support of 10th Amendment legislation. The largest rally at the State Capitol in recent history, people came from all over the state by car, bus and caravan. The [...]

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Tea Party gaining traction on 10th Amendment bills in Virginia House of Delegates

Talked to Conservative HQ (Richard Viguerie) and Virginia Concerned Women for America and they are interested in joining the coalition to support the 10th Amendment bills.  American Family Radio has also stated they will run radio ads for the January 18 rally for the 10th Amendment bills.  WRVA's Doc Thompson is very supportive and interviewed Delegate Bob Marshall [...]

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Richmond Tea Party meets with Speaker of the House

Richmond Tea Party met with the Virginia Speaker of the House, Bill Howell, last week regarding our two federalism bills. The Speaker expressed support for both bills and assured us they would make it out of Committee in the House of Delegates.  He was also encouraging that these would pass the House. The first bill, [...]

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