Immigration Policy Note: Our Goal is NOT to be D.C. or California!

On Friday January 28, I spent several hours in a packed General Assembly Committee Room. Members of the Immigration Subcommittee listened to numerous supporters and opponents, often commenting themselves as they considered 16 separate pieces of immigration-related legislation. The general intent of these bills pertains to 1) taking meaningful steps to address the rapidly growing [...]

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Repeal Amendment resolution passes House

By a vote of 59-34, the State Repeal Amendment resolution (HJ 542) passed the House of Delegates Tuesday.  The resolution calls upon Congress to convene a convention for the purpose of passing an amendment to Constitution that would allow states to repeal any federal law or regulation if two-thirds of them agree to it. Speaker [...]

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Hear Cuccinelli urge the Repeal Amendment

For your viewing pleasure, in case you weren’t able to make the Lobby Day rally yesterday, here’s keynote speaker Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli: Pay close attention to his discussion of the Repeal Amendment (starting at 5:53), which he strongly supports and has been publicly promoting, including even on Chris Matthews’s show. Cuccinelli addresses some of [...]

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Lobby Day 2011

Another Lobby day has come and gone. The 2011 General Assembly is open for business. Why should you care? Here is a taste of what we are doing in the GA this year. The Repeal Amendment, Property rights, Ending sanctuary cities, Tax reform. That's only the beginning. We delivered our legislative agendas to all 140 [...]

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Repeal Amendment resolution hits first bump

Democrats put the first bump in the road for the Virginia TEA Party Federation's marquis measure, the State Repeal Amendment resolution, by voting 4-3 against it in a public hearing. The resolution calls upon the US Congress to convene a convention for the sole purpose of passing only one amendment to the US Constitution.  This [...]

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Don’t Forget: Attend Town Halls Jan. 4 in Hanover and Henrico and Jan. 5 in Chesterfield

Meet with your Virginia General Assembly representatives at a Town Hall session, Jan. 4 in Hanover and Henrico Counties and Jan. 5 in Chesterfield, sponsored by The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Cooperative Legislative Action Committee. Details are below or go to the events calendar. Topics include current legislative issues and the VA 10th Amendment Revolution Freedom Bills 2011. [...]

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Lobby Day 2011 – Jan 17th!

The Va 10th Amendment Revolution Lobby Day Rally will be on Monday, January 17th at the Virginia Capitol. This is an all day event to promote the full slate of the Freedom Bills 2011 to the state legislature. WE NEED YOU THERE to express your support of these bills to the VA legislature. See the [...]

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Protest the 24% Tax Increase on Your Phone

Richmond Tea Party will be joining other Virginia Tea Party groups and AFP to protest the outrageous 24% tax increase on your business, home, or cell phone that is being proposed by the State Senate. This is a huge tax increase. We will also use this opportunity to protest the State Senate killing our 10th [...]

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Richmond State Senators vote for gas tax increase

Republican State Senator Walter Stosch and John Watkins both voted for a gas tax increase yesterday. They voted with the usual suspects of Democrats and moderate Republicans. In fact, the bill's patron, Senator Emmett Hanger, is a moderate Republican himself. See how they voted here: SB343 Governor McDonnell opposes this bill along with the House [...]

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UPDATE: HB69 Firearm Freedom Act Bill

Here is an email we received from Donna Holt of Campaign for Liberty, who has been a tremendous leader in helping shepherd through these 10th Amendment bills: In a 4 - 1 vote in the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee #1, HB 69, the VA Firearms Freedom Act, was recommended to be reported [...]

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HB 10 passes Committee…now what?

HB 10, the VA Healthcare Freedom Act, passed the full House Commerce & Labor Committee Thursday by 15-4. Three committee members later registered their votes to make the final tally 17-5. Significant in this vote is that three Democrats, Dels. Johnson, Joannou, and Lewis, joined the 14 Republicans on the committee, making this a bi-partisan [...]

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