Obamacare: The Next 10 Years

That is...$836 billion in taxes over the next decade, not including the $716 billion he's robbing from Medicare.  Yes, good ole Mr. You Didn't Build That has even made sure to help himself to a piece of the American Tanning Industry pie.  This could only mean our tanning salons are clearly making just disgusting, inappropriate amounts [...]

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1000 Days or Less

1000 days or less (Heritage Foundation) A milestone was met yesterday: The US Senate has gone 1000 days without issuing a budget. Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 70 days.  The Empire State Building was built in 410 days.  Numerous other feats were accomplished in 1000 days or less. Can you name more?  Post [...]

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This Tuesday, OCTOBER 11         Second in the series VIRGINIA AT THE CROSSROADS IMMIGRATION Critical Information Summit  A defining issue of our time with enormous implications for the future of this nation. FEATURING TOP NATIONAL EXPERTS Kris Kobach, author of the AZ & AL immigration bills http://www.kriskobach.org/ Kris Kobach has been the point man on almost every major legal effort to confront [...]

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You are invited: The Beacon Hill Society’s conference “True Impact”

When: Friday, Jan 7, 2011, 12:30-5:00pm Where: the James Monroe Building, Richmond Register: www.thebeaconhillsociety.com by Jan 3 See our fb page! Come learn more about these timely issues: Our true impact upon the environment and environmental policy with experts from the Heritage Foundation. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will address current state battles on environmental policy and healthcare legislation. [...]

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Congressional Members Avoiding We the People

Not that this is a surprise, but many congressional members aren’t holding town halls. They know We the People will show up and let them know what we think about all the liberty killing bills they’ve passed, and they don’t want any part of that. Go to a Heritage Foundation page they’ve set up about [...]

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The Heritage Foundation brings us this video on the coming Tax Tsunami of 2011 courtesy of President Obama and Congress:

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Say what?!? Federal spending numbers that will make you scream

I just received a very detailed report from Brian Reidl of the Heritage Foundation that details our out-of-control spending. I strongly encourage you to click the link to see the full report and see the visual graphs. It will make your head spin off your shoulders when you see it visually. It is an excellent [...]

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