Abigail Spanberger Stumbles Right Out of the Gate on National Security; Rejects Common Sense Funding

Show your support for common sense border security by sending a message to Representative Spanberger today!

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Virginia Citizen: Dave Brat Speaks Truth on Immigration

I am a citizen in Congressman Dave Brat’s District 7, and I am not alone in being extremely proud of him for speaking out on the danger of ISIS and Dave’s seeking to make all citizens aware of the danger of ISIS recruits joining our military. I can scarcely believe that voices have been raised [...]

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Save America: Secure the Border – Travis Witt

From Travis Witt, chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, comes commentary on the current border crisis. The federal government's complete unwillingness to perform one of it's most basic and fundamental responsibilities is both concerning and unexpected, unfortunately. Below is an excerpt of his comments, and click the link to jump to the full [...]

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Mark Krikorian Visits Richmond Tea Party – VIDEO

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, spoke at our monthly meeting on April 24th. He discussed immigration policy and shared insight into the "back room" efforts underway to pass an amnesty bill. Below is a video from our YouTube channel. Photos from the meeting:

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RTP Attends “DC March for Jobs” – UPDATED

Calling All Patriots! You Must Stop Amnesty Now! Join the DC March for Jobs in Washington, July 15th The Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill has passed the Senate, and is now in the House. We MUST stop this bill. If we don’t, millions will be put out of work, you will be saddled with Billions [...]

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This Tuesday, OCTOBER 11         Second in the series VIRGINIA AT THE CROSSROADS IMMIGRATION Critical Information Summit  A defining issue of our time with enormous implications for the future of this nation. FEATURING TOP NATIONAL EXPERTS Kris Kobach, author of the AZ & AL immigration bills http://www.kriskobach.org/ Kris Kobach has been the point man on almost every major legal effort to confront [...]

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So Now We Know…

...why both so-called parties of fed dot gov don't want to deal with the illegal immigration issue: illegals are helping keep the Social Security system afloat. I've always known it was about demographics, but a recent WaPo article confirms it: by paying SS taxes but being ineligible to receive benefits, illegal immigrants are making a [...]

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