Trumping the race card

Okay, I’ve been trying to get you pumped about the Ebony & Ivory Two Nekkid Heads all-day event next Thursday (May 5th) in Richmond, but now I’m going to explain its importance to the greater freedom movement in America and why it’s critical you participate.  One of the big reasons our nation is in such [...]

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Two Nekkid Heads – Richmond

Kevin Jackson and Joe the Plumber have created individual pages for each city they plan to visit on the Ebony & Ivory Two Nekkid Heads Tour. Click here for Richmond’s page. They roll into town for the big event on May 5th. Because they are funding this tour on donations and sponsorships, please consider contributing [...]

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Ebony & Ivory Tour starting in Richmond, May 5th

Heads-up: Richmond Tea Party is working on a great event for next month you WILL want to be a part of. Remember Joe the Plumber? The man who with a simple question got then-Senator Obama to admit to his economic policy of “spread the wealth around”? He’s teaming up with Kevin Jackson—author of The BIG [...]

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