Supreme Statism: EPA Over All

In its statist, bureaucratic and "best and brightest" attempt to insert itself (without Congressional authority) into the climate change scare, the EPA declared in 2009 that carbon dioxide (what you exhale and plants absorb) is a danger to public health. This unprecedented power grab will result in the EPA governing - and draining wealth from [...]

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The American Power (Grab) Act

I mentioned in my Thursday post about Senator Murkowski’s EPA resolution that this was happening because the legislative process for cap and trade (tax) has failed. So far. A person posted an accurate comment that a new version of cap and trade has been introduced called the “American Power Act” that you need to be [...]

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More on Stopping Cap and Trade

I want to follow up on Jamie’s post yesterday about the pending Cap and Trade resolution scheduled for next week. Because the Senate has been unable to pass legislation on this, the EPA is preparing to simply regulate CO2 on their own without a single vote or word of input from you. Senator Murkowski, though, [...]

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