I mentioned in my Thursday post about Senator Murkowski’s EPA resolution that this was happening because the legislative process for cap and trade (tax) has failed. So far. A person posted an accurate comment that a new version of cap and trade has been introduced called the “American Power Act” that you need to be informed about. 

This is, of course, what the Left does when they fail to win a debate: they simply change the language and start over as if the previous debate never happened and no one will notice what they’ve done. But we’re not fooled—we know that despite the new name, the substance remains the same: higher taxes, fewer jobs.

The American Thinker does a quick calculation (based on CBO cost estimates of cap and trade) of how much this bill would cost the average American household:

So if we do the math and divide the $846 billion by the estimated one hundred-nine million households in America the ultimate burden of this bill is an average of $7761.00 per household per year.  The CBO estimated the lost jobs as a result of this bill will be in the millions nation wide; and you thought 9.9% unemployment was bad.

And far more costly than the staggering price tag of the bill is the damage it does to your liberty. This will grant government the power to regulate anything in your life they can tie to energy use (which is basically everything you do).

We can’t let our representatives think we’ve gone to sleep on this one (or any of the other liberty-stealing actions they push). Even if Murkowski’s resolution ultimately passes, it’s pointless if the American Power Act does as well. 

You know the drill: call, fax, e-mail, show up at offices. You may not think they’re listening, but they are, even if they pretend they’re not. But those aren’t the only things we can and should be doing. It’s time to start registering voters. Work with everyone you know who isn’t registered already to get them registered. You can start by sending them to this website. A big uptick in voter registration led by us will show the politicians that not only have they not worn us down, we are now more engaged then ever and fully committed to changing our leadership.

And restoring power to the people.