Rep. Eric Cantor Making News

Two things from Rep. Eric Cantor. First is an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor that I thought I’d post, in case you missed it last week. Laura Ingraham filled in for O’Reilly and pressed Rep. Cantor on his commitment to, among other things, repealing ObamaCare. This is an issue we’ve been highlighting on this blog, [...]

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Harry Reid Attacking Your Free speech Today/tomorrow. Act now!

We just received the following email from Mark Mix at National Right to Work. Please act immediately! Harry Reid launched a sneak attack late last week to ram through the speech-killing "Disclose Act." The key vote to end debate and vote on the "Disclose Act" will be late Monday or early Tuesday. This is an [...]

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Supreme Statism: EPA Over All

In its statist, bureaucratic and "best and brightest" attempt to insert itself (without Congressional authority) into the climate change scare, the EPA declared in 2009 that carbon dioxide (what you exhale and plants absorb) is a danger to public health. This unprecedented power grab will result in the EPA governing - and draining wealth from [...]

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Murkowski Resolution Scheduled for June 10th Vote

Thank you to everyone who has contacted Senators Webb and Warner in support of the Murkowski resolution that would override the EPA’s attempt to backdoor Cap and Trade (tax) by circumventing the legislative process. Our sources are telling us that the resolution is getting good bipartisan support: 41 senators already, including Webb. True to form, [...]

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Senator Murkowski’s Resolution Needs Our Support

I’ve just been informed of the following: Sen. Murkowski negotiated an agreement with Sen. Reid last night to extend the privilege status of her disapproval resolution until June 10. The vote on whether the EPA should regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act is now expected to occur that Thursday. The disapproval resolution needs [...]

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Hands Off My House

RTP had a booth at the Richmond Home Show where people could record short messages directly to their senators. What did they have to say?

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