Let’s Get Christians Registered to Vote for Small Government

Did you know that of the 60 million committed Christians in America only 30 million vote in any given election? That’s sad. And it must change. Christians largely support small government, yet far too many of them remain on the sidelines as their government grows bigger, infringing on more and more of their religious liberties. [...]

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Creating Wealth

Here's part 3 in the continuing video series by Bill Whittle about the beliefs of small government advocates. This one debunks the myth that wealth is finite and must be obtained unjustly at the expense of others.

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A Statement on Net Neutrality

If you’ve followed the debate on Net Neutrality, you may have heard conflicting opinions about the dangers or benefits of the proposed government regulations on Internet Service Providers. Many advocates of small government disagree, some coming out against Net Neutrality and others for it. Given the disparity, we felt it important to provide a quick statement representing [...]

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