“DC March for Jobs” Recap

RTP Rallies to Protest Amnesty and to Support the Rule of Law Last Monday, supporters of the Richmond Tea Party did it again! We loaded folks onto 2 buses and headed up the highway to Washington, D.C., this time to take part in the “DC March for Jobs.” The event was reminiscent of the anti-IRS [...]

Tell Rep. Cantor to stop waffling on ObamaCare

Unlike many Republicans, including our own Eric Cantor, Reps Michele Bachmann and Steve King are actually doing all they can to fulfill their pledge to defund ObamaCare. On RedState, Bachmann writes: Last night my colleague Rep. Steve King (IA-05) and I drafted a letter to Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor and Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers urging [...]

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Who Will Top the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Convention Presidential Straw Poll?

PRESS RELEASE Nationally Known Speakers, Breakout Seminars & National Policy Experts Forum also Featured Richmond, Va. – One of the first presidential straw polls of the 2012 campaign will be a highlight of the inaugural Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention on Oct. 8-9 in Richmond, Va. The straw poll, administered by leading conservative media group [...]

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Is Congressman Cantor trying to fool us?

You may have heard that Rep. Eric Cantor has decided to sign Rep. Steve King’s discharge petition to repeal ObamaCare. I’d like to say, “Great!”, but unfortunately, there may be reason to believe his true intentions are hidden and completely different from what he’s publicly stating.  Erick Erickson from RedState offers his stark analysis of the [...]

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