Louder and Louder Must Our Voices Be

In his syndicated column today, Tony Blankley points out the continuing importance of individual resolve and collective action--the basis of the Tea Party--to save our government.  He notes that "Political calculations are being made from Capitol Hill to Pennsylvania Avenue to K St. intended to perpetuate the destructive governmental trends of the last years."   He concludes [...]

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Tony Blankley: Political Parties Are Redundant

Tony Blankley, the esteemed Washington columnist, had an interesting piece on Nov. 4 pondering the implications of the election two days before.  He made some comments that are of interest here, considering that the Tea Party is a new movement outside the traditional political structure: (T)he way many Americans are looking at their lives and [...]

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The Mosque and the Ruling Class

I don’t think there has ever been a sharper distinction between the ruling class and the rest of us than in the controversy over the ground zero mosque.  It allows members of the ruling class to parade their “moral superiority” while expressing their contempt and hatred for the rest of us. Dr. Thomas Sowell described [...]

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The Ruling Class vs. the Public

The emergence of a ruling class in the U.S. may be one of the most significant political developments of our generation.  I believe it is, and I think that defeating the class before it completes its takeover of the country is one of this generation’s most important tasks.  I blogged about this on 8/4 (“The [...]

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