Why Do They Lie about Conservatives?

-A response to Leonard Pitts There’s no end to things that I as a conservative might disagree with when confronted with liberal ideology. That’s the result of people with differing values and personalities discussing our views. But it does seem like the disinformation on the left as to what a conservative believes is reaching new [...]

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Five Things the New Republican Majority Must Do…and Won’t

1. Implement Constitutional Adherence. The list of possibilities here in endless, isn't it? 2. Implement Limited Government. For starters, someone can show me where in the Constitution it says that taxpayers are supposed to bail out banks. If no one can, then maybe we can consider NOT BAILING THEM OUT. 3. Implement Fiscal Restraint. Refuse [...]

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Five Reasons, and Then Some, to VOTE November 2nd

1. Constitutional Adherence 2. Limited Government 3. Fiscal responsibility 4. Virtue and Accountability 5. Free markets I’ve listed the five Tea Party Principles above as a reminder to us  all that we started this rebellion over far more than recent frustrations and indignation. We recognized that Tarp, Stimulus, Health Care, soaring unemployment and an economy [...]

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