New Virginia Voter ID Law In Effect

Virginia has a new voter ID law on the books effective today, requiring that voters provide photo ID. To address the breathless claims of "repressing the vote" by requiring ID, the law makes it pretty darn easy to obtain a free ID. Details below, from Breitbart and the AP: The new law now requires that [...]

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Deadline MONDAY 10/15 to Register to Vote!

Calling all Richmond area residents... Tomorrow (Monday) is your LAST DAY to register to vote. If you haven't yet registered, or if you have friends/family that haven't yet registered (like children that turned 18 since last election), Monday October 15th is your last chance to make it happen. You have several resources available for your [...]

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Watch for and Report Potential Voter Fraud

The following is an account a Richmond Tea Party volunteer provided about a potential ongoing voter registration scam. ---- On Thursday, September 6, I was going into a retail store in Glen Allen. A lady was standing outside with a clipboard who asked me if I was "registered to vote at my current address." I thought it [...]

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Do you know what must happen by next Monday?

Would you like to vote in the GOP primary 12 June?  If so, are you registered to vote in your precinct? IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS NOT PROPERLY REGISTERED BY NEXT MONDAY, 21 MAY, YOU MAY NOT VOTE IN THE PRIMARY 12 JUNE. If you have moved since you last voted, you may be [...]

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Va. Voter Registration Deadline is OCT. 11th!

Virginia requires that voter registration forms  be submitted 22 days prior to the Nov. 2nd mid-term election. That’s October 11th, fellow Virginians, and we must be ready. True, our voices and questions have proven impossible to ignore these past few years, despite an onslaught of efforts to silence us  and to suppress our message. Our [...]

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