An excerpt from my op-ed “Tea Party Rebels” that ran in Tea Party Brief over the weekend:

With Big-Government progressives taking over virtually every facet of American influence, including both major political parties, they have dramatically expanded the power of government at all levels. As a result, the Left now embodies everything they once despised (and still claim to). They used to belt out rock songs, shaking their fists at the abuses of The Man. Now, though, they sing a tune of obedience to The Man (i.e., the governmental power structure), because they have taken possession of The Man – and made Him a thousand times more powerful.

And in the background – and sometimes the foreground – there’s us. The little old Tea Party, believing in limited government, waving our Gadsden flags, sending e-mails to politicians who will ignore them, and attending potluck dinner planning sessions, all in an attempt to reverse the gross abuse of power perpetrated by the very people who claim to represent the little guy. But we are the little guy. And we are doing everything we can to stand up to them, The Man.

Tea Partiers are the rebels in America.

Read the entire op-ed here.