The second congressional district of Virginia has been interesting to watch with 7 candidates in the race. One candidate, Scott Rigell, is the GOP Party favorite with numerous endorsements from the GOP like Governor McDonnell, Lt. Gov Bill Bolling, Minority Whip Cantor and over a dozen other GOP politicians. The Hampton Roads Tea Party has endorsed Ben Loyola.

Two weeks ago Scott Rigell released a poll that showed him winning the GOP primary with 47% of the vote, with Ben Loyola and others trailing significantly with only single digit support. Hampton Roads Tea Party endorsed a day after these poll numbers were released.  Has the endorsement of Hampton Roads Tea Party made a difference with only two weeks left in the race?  Well, we just received these Tweets an hour ago. If this is true, it is very interesting. It will be fascinating to see what the election results say tomorrow. Tomorrow is Election Day. Don’t forget to vote!

MIDTERMS: #VA2: 3 polls in last week b4 GOP primary show race tightening between party fav @ScottRigell and @BertMizusawa @LoyolaForCongress

MIDTERMS: GOP PRIMARY: #VA2: 3P Average: @ScottRigell 28% @BertMizusawa 25% @Loyola4Congress 24%. All lead Dem Rep Nye in GenElection Polls

@jasonkenney 3 June phone polls. Rigell hurt by neg ads, Mizusawa major bump from same ads + strategic navy-Vote to back Loyola over Taylor

We are hearing that one of the polls was done by Vet Cand PAC? We are trying to verify the primary source. But if these polls are true, it is amazing how much the numbers have tightened in just two weeks. Makes you wonder what could have been possible if the Tea Party would have engaged earlier on in the primary.