From Real Clear Politics, this article shows us our future under ObamaCare, if we fail to repeal it. This has already been tried before with disastrous results, both in Canada and Massachusetts. The author writes 

With health care now effectively “free” — that is, paid for by other taxpayers — Canadians began visiting the doctor twice as much. Exploding demand drove up costs. To keep spending under control, the federal government simply reduced how much it sent to provinces to run the system. Provinces in turn cut payments to doctors and covered fewer services and cutting-edge treatments.

At first, doctors responded by billing patients directly for amounts greater than the government reimbursements. But in 1984, the federal government outlawed such practices — thereby banning private delivery of services covered under the Canada Health Act. At this point, the Canadian government effectively controlled health care in the country.

The Canadian experience offers a preview of what Obamacare has in store for the United States.

As more facts and analyses are provided on ObamaCare, Americans are quickly catching on that they’ve been had. And now they want it to go away.

It’s critical we find and support candidates this November who are committed to fully repealing ObamaCare and preventing the future destruction of our great health care system. Once that’s done, then we can set to work on actually fixing the broken pieces of our system with commonsense (i.e., non-government based) solutions.