That’s right, my fellow Americans, WE will again choose our nation’s path in just a few weeks. We will awaken the morning of Wednesday, November 3rd to the consequences of our individual decisions, and I’m not talking about the decision we make in the polling booth.

I’m talking about the decision we make regarding our participation in the process of turning out the vote. I’m challenging you (and myself) to contest those we oppose by getting yourself and fifty others to the polls on November 2nd. I know, fifty people?! Why so many?

If you search the internet, you’ll find turnout predictions to suit any preconception. All in all, it seems to be a statistical likelihood that voters will treat this election as casually as any mid-term election, resulting in a 35-40% overall turnout. Of course, this isn’t just any mid-term election, and we are in the business of beating the statistical odds, aren’t we?

On various occasions over the past eighteen months or so, we have delivered hundreds of thousands, very likely a few million Americans to DC and locations across the land. We have spoken out, endured the attacks of those upon whom we shine more and more light, and caused millions to look with healthy skepticism at those whom they had earlier followed without hesitation. We have redefined the dialogue, forced questions to be asked, and then forced the answers to be questioned.

We have done a great deal, but if we can’t beat the predicted odds regarding our participation on November 2nd, then we will have absolutely wasted all our fine efforts. If we fail to gain a toehold, or better still a foothold, in this election, then the Republic will very likely be done.

Allowing the declaration of a further “mandate” to “progress” our nation hard to the left, we will face Cap and Trade, Obamacare, the Obamanet after Net Neutrality is shoved through our cable connections, and taxes that will never go away nor stop increasing. If we give these ideologues our throats to press their boots against, then we will become subjects of a monolithic system determined to control and harvest the lives of all Americans.

If we do succeed in gaining a voice in actual governance at all levels, we still face a tremendous challenge, and the work we’ve asked to undertake will then begin in earnest. This is not any mid-term election, and we know that, you and I. And I’ll bet you that, if you consider the possibility that 11/3/10 will mirror the morning of 11/5/08…now, have you made your list of 50 yet?  I’m working on mine right now.