Here are the latest quotes from three of the Virginia Democrats that absolutely need to vote NO on Health Control.

Rep. Rick Boucher (D-VA): I reject unequivocally the unsavory deal making that took place in the Senate where Nebraska, Florida and Louisiana obtained special benefits that do not apply to the other states, and those special benefits provided to those states at the expense of residents of all the other states,” he said. “I simply cannot support legislation that contains those unwarranted giveaways to a select few states at the expense of the others…Boucher said he is hearing that cuts to Medicare funding to help pay for the reform package “may be as great as $500 billion. That’s ‘billion’ with a ‘B.’” … “I am persuaded that Medicare cuts at that level would impair the delivery of health care within our region. We have a large population that receives Medicare. It is the principal source of income for our nonprofit hospitals and virtually all the hospitals in my district,” Boucher said. (Steve, Igo, “Boucher Won’t Support Health Reform With Medicare Cuts,” The Kingsport Times News, 3/13/10)

Rep. Glenn Nye (D-VA): [I]f the bill that is put forth does not contain significant changes and does not actually reduce health care costs for Americans and small businesses, it will not have my support.
I believe it is absolutely imperative that any health care reform bill reduces costs for families and small businesses, allows Americans to keep their existing plan and choose their doctor, is bipartisan, is deficit neutral, does not force Americans to use a certain type of health insurance, maintains Medicare benefits for seniors, and lowers the overall costs of health care. H.R. 3962 does not meet these criteria, which is why I do not support it.

Additionally, we must fix our current system before we add more people into it, which will only exacerbate any current problems…. (Jeffrey H. Anderson, “Rep. Nye of Virginia Looks Like A “No,”” The Weekly Standard, 3/15/10)

Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA): “If the final bill is going to bring down premiums for middle-class families and small businesses, then I’ll support it,” said Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Va., a centrist who voted for the bill in November but is now reserving judgment. “If it’s not going to do that, then I won’t.” (John Fritze, “Dems Have Trouble with Health Care Rifts,” USA Today, 3/5/10)

Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA): I just got off the phone with his office who told me that he was still undecided and waiting on the final language. I reminded them of the abortion promise, and the staffer told me unequivocally that if the abortion language does not change he will oppose the bill. He also said that if the middle-class taxes that are a part of the senate bill are not changed, that would lead him to oppose the bill. (“Where Are Pelosi’s Flippers?” NRO, 3/15/10)

We must keep calling!!!
Glenn Nye / (202) 225-4215
Gerald Connolly / (202) 225-1492
Tom Perriello / (202) 225-4711
Rick Boucher / (202) 225-3861