RTP Monthly Meeting Recap – Oct 2014

RTP held its monthly meeting Thursday night, with the primary focus on a presentation about Common Core education standards. Jane Hogan from Eye on Virginia Education traveled to present to us for the evening, with some lively discussion on how new education standards are effecting Virginia schools. Joining us for the evening and offering a [...]

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RTP Monthly Meeting – October 23rd 2014

Come join us for our October meeting! As we did last month, we'll be gathering in our new meeting space, graciously provided by the good folks at Richmond Alarm Company. This new space has audio/visual capabilities built-in to the meeting room, and we now have wheelchair access via elevator to the 2nd floor! If you [...]

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RTP Monthly Meeting Recap – August 2014

On Thursday night (8/28/2014), RTP held its monthly meeting for August. First on the agenda was to present recently departed Executive Director Larry Nordvig with a small gift of appreciation for his service, and to wish him well in his next adventures. Larry commented that he'll still be around and can be reached if needed, [...]

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Mike Huckabee Cannot Be Trusted

Photo Credit Tony Gutierrez/AP I know that lots of tea party folks like Governor Mike Huckabee, but he's actually not so great of a politician... his record as governor has some serious problems. I've always seen him (in my opinion) as a shyster...a used car salesman-type (no offense to ETHICAL used car salesmen [...]

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Educational Resource: LearnLiberty.org

There are many great educational resources that can be found online. One such resource is LearnLiberty.org, which has a ton of great content available across a number of topics such as Economics, Law, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Politics and Policy. Here you will find short topical videos, longer video lectures, even scheduled seminars for [...]

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Stop the Common Core

Why in the world is the federal government involved in setting nationwide education standards? Exactly where is that power given to the federal government? Don't these people realize that you get the absolute BEST education outcomes when states are free to experiment/manage their own education methods and standards? We're supposed to have 50 individual experiment [...]

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Wall St. Journal Sides With Dragas

A Wall Street Journal editorial on June 25 presented a little-heard conservative viewpoint on the furor at the University of Virginia over the firing of President Teresa Sullivan. I find it difficult to form an opinion because neither side in the dispute has been forthcoming about its specific goals. I don’t know what the Journal [...]

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Americans for Prosperity: Restoring American Exceptionalism

From Americans for Prosperity:         Dear Virginian:   Today, our college graduates face the highest unemployment rates in history. American 15-year-olds rank 35th out of 57 industrialized countries in math and literacy. Americans shouldn’t rank 35th in anything! Join Americans for Prosperity Foundation, State Senator Steve Martin, Christian Braunlich from the Thomas [...]

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After the Elections, What’s Next?

After the Elections, What's Next? Tea Party folks across the Greater Richmond area helped get numerous folks elected to the General Assembly in areas as close as Goochland and as far away as Tazewell County (in the deep southwest corner of Virginia).  What’s different about Tea Partiers is that we don’t just elect folks; we also hold them accountable.  And one [...]

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Govt Student Loan Debt: The next hit to your wallet?

With the government annointing itself the sole provider of student loans, and with the cost of tuition continuing to skyrocket, will this mean that the taxpayer will soon be stuck with mountains of bad student loan debt? Watch this video for an eye-opening discussion on the cost/benefit analysis of a college education, and how nearly [...]

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Engaging in peaceful debates – teaching others

When we think of the word “debate” we often visualize two or more people arguing with one another, with each side trying to convince the other of who is right and who is wrong. However, rarely does such a debate convince anyone to change their mind. During formal debates the arguments can be stated in [...]

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Virtue and Accountability – Is virtue old fashioned?

In today’s climate, people are afraid to talk about virtue because it makes them sound as though they are some sort of religious zealot. Thus, virtue is viewed as a quaint, old fashioned notion of a by-gone era that has no real meaning in today’s sophisticated, more highly mature culture. But virtue is just another [...]

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