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We heard all kinds of doomsday prophesies from the Washington Spenders about how the world would literally end if America didn’t raise its debt ceiling in time. Yet when we reached it, all Treasury Secretary Geithner had to do was move some funds around to keep us going. And in true Harold Camping fashion, he has since rescheduled his doomsday prediction for the new date of August 2nd.

But I’m wondering if the American people have finally decided that the Washington Spenders have cried wolf one too many times. Polls show that Americans who oppose a debt ceiling hike dwarf those who support it (see here and here). Perhaps they’re tired of hearing time after time that if we don’t immediately pass these invariably ultra-expensive, government-expanding pieces of legislation (corporate bailouts, TARP, the “stimulus,” ObamaCare, to name a few) the world will explode!

Read the entire post here. And remember that Rep. Cantor — who will be instrumental in crafting debt ceiling policy from House Republicans — is OUR responsibility. Let him know where you stand. Every day. Every hour. Every minute.

Until he gets it.