The House of Representatives yesterday, by a 245-189 vote, passed landmark legislation for the repeal of the governmental overreach known as Obamacare. Votes in favor included three Democrats, although Virginia’s Dems voted “nay”.   It may help to take time for a call or note to those who have honored well-considered campaign promises.

We should not be surprised that Harry Reid, all too aware of the downside campaign potential of  recorded votes by 21 Democrat Senators up for reelection, has dictated that the bill will never see  a vote in the Senate. It’s debate that Reid cannot allow, and he’s clinging bitterly to his “no pre-existing conditions” and “kids up to 26” selling points.  Senate Republicans are working on ways to force the vote, and with countless other efforts nationwide, this issue promises to be front-and-center for months to come.

If  true debate were to expose the regulatory blank checks, social engineering on-the-fly, and revenue sources which will truly be a tax to Americans of every income level, then Democrat voters may start to look for similar “fishiness” in Cap and Trade, Net Neutrality and every aspect of our national fiscal management. We disagree with extremists on the left, and they seem to own the perspective these past few years, I know.  Yet, despite their long-term loyalty to liberalism, once the core of individual and corporate stalwarts see what is truly being built upon the strength of their lifelong trust, this bill may be just the start of America’s grassroots revolution.