A Tea Party in Richmond

The  Lobby Day rally was mentioned by the Washington Post again, this time in the Express Night Out newsletter. There's not much content, but the article was a fair description of the events (except for the low attendance number, but we're all accustomed to that). We tried to locate the article online for posting/linking, but were [...]

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Big Wins on 10th Amendment Bills: Bipartisan Support!

There is big news regarding the two 10th Amendment bills being considered in the General Assembly, specifically HB10 (Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act) and HB69 (Virginia Firearms Freedom Act)! We learned today that: Delegate Joseph Johnson (D) from the 4th district has co-patroned both bills, and Senator Charles Colgan (D) from the 29th district has co-patroned HB10. [...]

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10th Amendment Movement Growing.

As more states move to consider or enact laws that  "Just Say No" to federal mandates, is 2010 they year of the 10th amendment? Michael Boldin founder of the Tenth Amendment Center may thinks so:  "Already, over a dozen states are considering laws or state constitutional amendments that would effectively ban, or nullify, any proposed [...]

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Virginia Must Stand Up to Power Grab

Richmond Tea Party gets full op-ed in the Richmond Times Dispatch today! We are totally excited! See here: For years the United States government has been expanding its power, gradually creating a top-down structure in which it rules over the states. This is the exact opposite of how our "We the People" republic was originally [...]

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72 Hours Until We Stand for 10th Amendment Rights and Say No to Health Control

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – United States Constitution, 10th Amendment The response to our tenth amendment lobbying day and rally at the State Capitol on Monday, January 18th (Martin Luther King, [...]

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Virginia not alone in Tenth Amendment Legislation.

Gary Wood,  the State Chapter Coordinator for the Utah Tenth Amendment Center, writes in his analysis of 10th amendment: Where the 9th Amendment protects the people against attempts of the federal government to invoke powers not specifically enumerated the 10th Amendment restrains federal power over states as well as citizens. It reemphasizes the fact our federal [...]

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Lobby 101: How to effectively influence your legislator

We are fighting for two 10th Amendment bills in the General Assembly in only 5 days.  Want to be the most effective in helping get these passed?  We have to work together as a team.  Then please attend this training next Monday and don't forget to RSVP.  It's FREE! Monday, January 11, 2010 6:30 – [...]

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