ObamaCare ruled unconstitutional, law must be declared void

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., ObamaCare, was ruled unconstitutional today by Florida Judge Roger Vinson.  And because the "individual mandate" to purchase health insurance was thrown out, he also wrote in his decision that the entire law must be declared void. In his decision, Vinson wrote: "While the individual mandate was clearly [...]

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Repeal Amendment resolution passes House

By a vote of 59-34, the State Repeal Amendment resolution (HJ 542) passed the House of Delegates Tuesday.  The resolution calls upon Congress to convene a convention for the purpose of passing an amendment to Constitution that would allow states to repeal any federal law or regulation if two-thirds of them agree to it. Speaker [...]

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Lobby Day 2011 – Jan 17th!

The Va 10th Amendment Revolution Lobby Day Rally will be on Monday, January 17th at the Virginia Capitol. This is an all day event to promote the full slate of the Freedom Bills 2011 to the state legislature. WE NEED YOU THERE to express your support of these bills to the VA legislature. See the [...]

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Is the Tea Party the GOP? Is the GOP the Tea Party?

It depends who you ask. If you ask the GOP leadership, "we're all the Tea Party..." Read about it here. To excerpt: House Republican leader John Boehner says: "There really is no difference between what Republicans believe in and what the Tea Party activists believe in." Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele says: "If I [...]

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Top Ten Reasons Why Congress Hates the Tea Party & Patriot groups (and why you should register for the Oct. 8-9 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention

Top Ten Reasons Why Congress Hates the Tea Party & Patriot groups (and why you should register for the Oct. 8-9 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention at www.vateapartyconvention.com): 10. Most Tea Party & Patriot group supporters actually work for a living, and it’s human nature not to like people who are so very different from [...]

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ACTION ALERT: 10th Amendment bills…good and bad news

First for the good news: SB 417 passed the House today, 66-29! This means that one half of the RTP's health care freedom initiative has successfully navigated the legislative branch of VA. Now, the bill should be enrolled and sent on to the governor, who is expected to sign it. However, procedurally, that might not [...]

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UPDATE: HB69 Firearm Freedom Act Bill

Here is an email we received from Donna Holt of Campaign for Liberty, who has been a tremendous leader in helping shepherd through these 10th Amendment bills: In a 4 - 1 vote in the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee #1, HB 69, the VA Firearms Freedom Act, was recommended to be reported [...]

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HB 10 passes Committee…now what?

HB 10, the VA Healthcare Freedom Act, passed the full House Commerce & Labor Committee Thursday by 15-4. Three committee members later registered their votes to make the final tally 17-5. Significant in this vote is that three Democrats, Dels. Johnson, Joannou, and Lewis, joined the 14 Republicans on the committee, making this a bi-partisan [...]

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ALERT: Senate Floor Vote on Health Care This Friday

SB 417 was place on the calendar today under First Reading, Regular Calendar, meaning it was reported from a committee with at least one dissenting vote. Nothing happened to the bill. The bill should be placed on the calendar Thursday under Second Reading, Regular Calendar. Nothing should happen to it. It should then be placed [...]

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ACTION ALERT: HB10 to be heard in Committee Tomorrow

HB 10, the VA Healthcare Freedom Act, will be heard in the House Commerce and Labor Subcom #2 on Thur., 28 Jan., in House Room D (on the 1st floor of the GA Bldg.), immediately following the adjournment of the full committee hearing. The full committee will begin 1/2 hour after adjournment of the House [...]

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