Results from the VA 2016 Republican Convention

The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) held its convention yesterday in Harrisonburg. After a long day of voting, the results were: RPV Chairman: John Whitbeck Republican National Committeeman: Morton Blackwell Republican National Committeewoman: Cynthia Dunbar Delegate allotment to the National Convention: 10 Cruz delegates 3 Trump delegates (All Virginia delegates are bound to vote for [...]

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Important Information for Chesterfield County Residents

One of the goals of the Richmond Tea Party is to encourage citizen participation in local get engaged personally and meaningfully. One of the ways to do that is to join your local political committee. Its very hard to help craft the direction of government/politics in your local community if you are not seated [...]

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RPV SCC Chooses Primary over Convention for 2016

Big money will rule the day again in Virginia for the republican presidential primary this fall. The Republican Party of Virginia SCC (State Central Committee) voted today to hold a primary instead of a nominating convention, so whoever can dump the most money into the race will likely win. This also means that Virginia's ultimate [...]

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Get Your Tickets for the Tea Party Action Conference 2013!

Any elected officials you want to replace? Want to become more effective at influencing legislators, policy, and elections? Then, you will want to attend the annual Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation Conference! This year's conference is entitled "Changing the Rules of the Game." Come and learn proven grassroots techniques that bring victory! Sessions are being [...]

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