GOP “leadership” once again kicks the can; approves continuing resolution theater

Well, in a move surprising to essentially no one, the spineless and worthless GOP leadership has caved AGAIN on offering even a semblance of fiscal responsibility, instead deciding to fund government with a CR (continuing resolution) until December. And then we all know how this theater ends....with claims of urgency right before the holiday, which results [...]

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Reminder: Two Events Tomorrow – Thurs 8/27

Just a quick reminder that we have a busy Thursday, with two separate events: Tea Party Patriots (national group) calling for supporters to visit their representatives offices to stop the Iran nuclear deal, and Congressman Dave Brat Town Hall. You won't want to miss this, and it's your civic duty to get engaged in your [...]

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August Public Meeting Shifting to Brat Town Hall Event

One of the main tenets of our mission statement is to encourage active participation in government. We recently learned that Congressman Dave Brat (VA-7th) will be holding a town hall on the same night as our monthly meeting...and right down the street. We will be replacing our August meeting with this Town Hall event, and [...]

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Virginia Citizen: Dave Brat Speaks Truth on Immigration

I am a citizen in Congressman Dave Brat’s District 7, and I am not alone in being extremely proud of him for speaking out on the danger of ISIS and Dave’s seeking to make all citizens aware of the danger of ISIS recruits joining our military. I can scarcely believe that voices have been raised [...]

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Congressman Dave Brat: Will Not Support Boehner for House Speaker

Congressman Dave Brat (VA-7th District) added his name today to the growing list of House reps who will not support John Boehner as Speaker of the US House of Representatives in Tuesday's election. If you're like me and are interested to know where Congressman Randy Forbes stands on this vote, please give him a call [...]

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Call Congress NOW to Fight Amnesty and Protect the Constitution

Call Congress Now Tell your representative to vote NO on the rule governing debate on amendments RTP supporters: Many of you are aware of the amnesty issue and how President Obama illegally seized the power to take executive actions on amnesty by exercising power that his office does not hold. This is a direct assault on [...]

Attend the 2014 Tea Party Action Conference!

Next weekend on  Friday November 21 through Saturday November 22nd, the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation will hold its annual tea party action conference in Richmond. There's a packed agenda, with numerous guest speakers (like Dave Brat, Gov Jim Gilmore, and KCarl Smith) and seminars/breakouts. Also available will be a Livestream broadcast of the event, [...]

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Chesterfield Monthly Profiles Richmond-Area Activism

In the latest copy of the Chesterfield Monthly magazine (print and online), there was a multi-page spread discussing the Dave Brat win over Eric Cantor and the general activist-machine across the Richmond area. Also covers items like the Chesterfield comprehensive plan and the meals tax. A good read, but with a leftward slant here-and-there. Whether [...]

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RTP Monthly Meeting – NEW DATE – July 21st

[gdl_icon type="icon-warning-sign" color="#cccccc" size="30px"] ATTENTION: July meeting date has changed to Monday, July 21st (Same time and place) Meeting Guest: Dave Brat Dave Brat, the Republican candidate for the 7th Congressional District wants to meet with YOU. Here's a great chance to ask Dave any question you want. Please submit your questions to us via our [...]

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Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor

Today in the VA 7th district republican primary, insurgent "tea party" candidate Dave Brat defeated "establishment" House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by a tally of 55.55% to 45.45%. The political shock-waves of this upset will likely be rippling across the state for weeks to come. Although this win is unusual in the context of incumbent [...]

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7th District Primary Election Tuesday 6/10

VOTE! 7th District Congressional Primary Tuesday, June 10th, 6am-7pm Normal Polling Places   Tuesday is Primary Day in the 7th Congressional District! We encourage you to learn about the candidates and exercise your right to vote. The winner is likely to be your next congressman, since there is no other challenger. America has been trending [...]

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Fact-checking Candidate Eric Cantor on Amnesty

The debate on how to proceed on changing/fixing immigration policy has come to the forefront in the 7th district congressional race between House Leader Eric Cantor and challenger Dave Brat. As this debate will have a profound impact on the economy and how we view adherence to the rule of law, it's important that voters [...]

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